Whilst I’m not a developer or a coder or anything extremely smart. I do get asked to produce various things that lie somewhere between being smart and being creative. More and more my work is in the digital realm rather than the printed medium and I add to my skill set with every passing year.

So here are just a few of those things…

Digital edition animated HTML5 Christmas advert, for Farmers Weekly

Digital edition animated HTML5 Farmyard advert, for Farmers Weekly

A video presentation I made for MPH Enterprises.

A demo reel of some of my 3D modelled animation work that I sell as royalty free clips.


Responsive HTML email based on provided design, for F1000

Once upon a time when things were simple and we didn’t have Angry Birds in our pocket, I used to supply interactive Flash animations. I still do if I’m asked, but Flash is now pretty much over with online. Here are a few Flash things I made what seems like a long long time ago…

Interactive diagram in FLASH, for Gassonic ultrasound detection

FLASH animated steel belt processing diagram for The Virtual Company and client Sandvik

FLASH animated belt sequence for The Virtual Company and client Sandvik

FLASH animated pastille processing for The Virtual Company and client Sandvik

I supply a lot of banners, here are a few in just the one size (but of course I do them any size you need), I won’t try and oversell them…