3D modelling helps a lot when I need to show an item which hasn’t been made yet. I’ll often make a 3D model just so I can get some orthographic views of it to help with factory feedback.

Here are a few examples.

You might have seen the duck floating down the Thames or other stretches of water around the world. Here is a link if you missed it.



This dinosaur (for a cbeebies show I think) was designed in side view only by an agency as a pencil sketch, I then re-imagined it as an inflatable, building the 3D model helped the manufacturers and the client understand the thickness of body parts.


It’s also very handy for when you need to quickly show the same item in different materials.


I designed this coin for a Cryptocurrency logo…

And this neon signage for a press ad…


A 3D modelled rocket, which with client feedback evolved into a far more abstract version of itself…

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