The majority of the design work I get asked to produce is static. But I’m always very happy to make it move. I can’t claim to be a full-blown studio capable of making a blockbuster film, but I’ll do what I can within the budget you have.

This is a short (30 second) demo reel covering the range of what I generally get asked to create for companies.


This animation was produced for a charity called Work Stress Solutions, with a tight budget it fell to me not only to draw and animate, but also to do the voiceovers, not something I usually put myself forwards for.


I made this presentation for MPH to use on their website and sometimes at prospective client meetings.



My client needed an animation for the Nursing Standard Nurse Awards ceremony, but it only existed as a JPEG so wasn’t very exciting. I remade the logo in 3D and spun it around itself so that it paused and looped continuously. Much prettier.

A 3D model and GIF animation I made at the end of 2018 for an email header.


Created for EG as an email header and also re-versioned for Twitter. This animation is created in 3D software with a fish-eye style camera lens for a different feel than the usual flat on approach.


Skills 3D modelling, design, motion