I don’t have too many glamorous things to show in my photo retouching portfolio. I’ve just simply not had those kinds of clients. Instead of making pop stars slimmer, I’ve been making steel belts less dirty, altering roof tiles or cutting out bike spokes from a background (actually it’s easier to redraw them). I do of course work to print ready quality.

Here are a few things. I won’t oversell them.



The brief here was to make all the house tiles the same colour. I’ve no idea if they ever got fixed in reality, I presume so.houses5297v3

A hand is a lot easier to remove than setting up a rig of fishing wire and hoping it doesn’t all snap.vauxhallBike07

Just a visual, based on something that did exist.CC-minifridge


The client wanted more orange in this image, so I gave them some options how just how much.

Make the logo on the visor bigger, and the one on the front panel smaller. And adjust so it doesn’t print as a black blob.3-000017blackCap

No-one likes messy cables.retouch_cables

Yeah that thing, it looks ugly, take this pile from another photo and stick it over the top.SulphurSalesKit005

Yep, I can do replacement ears. No problem.

Less black reflections, make it rhodium coloured, add some placement text.ret_FakeRhod_B1_web

Sometimes, the right combination just doesn’t exist, so a few things need combining to pretend it does.zodiac1


This skyline montage was produced for an exhibition back wall for Estates Gazette.

If you can’t find a picturesque cottage covered in snow with Christmas lights on it, better retouch the next best thing you can find…

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